Mosquito nets for plastic windows Mosquito nets for plastic windows

Mosquito nets for plastic windows

Sale and installation of mosquito nets for windows

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Protection of premises from mosquitoes or small debris is provided by a mosquito net for windows and doors. The mosquito net made of a white aluminum profile is the most common at the market. Compared to installation of a window or a door, installation of the frame is simple. Its assemblage is not difficult either. During the season, some manufacturers offer only one day production of net, given that all the measurements, as well as fixation of the structure are performed by a customer. As a rule, the mosquito net is fixed with the Z-shaped bracket clamp or plastic ’pockets‘. In the openings of the first floor or in other high risk areas, a mosquito net should be installed into the window with pins.
Besides, manufacturers often offer roller mosquito nets, which are more convenient in application, but have higher prices.
The mosquito net is a common product which can be bought from almost any window manufacturer. Platform