Window Price Calculator. Buy plastic windows

Window calculator

Window calculator allows you to determine the cost of a window depending on its size, configuration and energy-efficient characteristics. The calculation is based on proposals from more than 100 companies from different regions of Ukraine.

In addition to metal-plastic windows, the calculator allows you to calculate the price for balcony glazing, balcony or office doors, windows and office doors with a transom, and a sliding balcony.

The calculator allows not only to choose, but also to order plastic windows online. Convenient access to contact information of the supplier provides quick connection needed to specify details of payment, delivery, installation and contract conditions for a product.

If you need to quickly navigate the prices for plastic windows, the calculator will make it done in less than one minute.

Simple calculation

To calculate cost of a window, you need to either check its picture at the "Select by picture" tab, indicate its width and height, or set the required parameters of the design at the "Select window, balcony or door" tab, and then click the "Calculate" button.

The results display various options for the constructions in accordance with the specified parameters. On the right side of the search results the price of plastic windows is indicated. Above the list of variants of windows, you can also see the price bracket and the number of offers corresponding to the specified parameters. The results can be sorted by price or by energy saving characteristics. In addition, basing on the results of the first stage of the calculation, you get a number of additional features.

5 features within one calculator

The window calculator makes it possible to calculate the cost of a window by its type and size, as well as:

  1. Quickly estimate the level of prices for windows depending on their energy efficiency and select energy-saving windows
  2. Find suppliers of windows with competitive prices
  3. Determine the cost of plastic windows of the appropriate energy-saving class (using ’Energy-saving‘ filter)
  4. Specify the prices for windows with the selected glazing (you need to use the ‘Glazing’ filter for this)
  5. Draw a preliminary application for windows

You can register an application for a plastic window if you are comfortable with its price by clicking the ’Order‘ button. After placing the order you will be contacted by a representative of the this company in order to specify details of the order. To directly contact the supplier or manufacturer, click on the company’s name, and you will be forwarded to the company’s page, where all the necessary contact details are indicated.

Windows belonging to the energy efficiency program are marked with the word ’Energy loan’.
Find out how much energy and money the selected window saves, and compare it to the energy efficiency of other windows offered at the market, as well as to the window structures installed earlier, with the energy calculator does not recommend to select windows using only one criterion, that it the lowest price. Despite similar appearance, windows have different thermal and noise-insulating characteristics, degree of reliability and safety. And the windows with the minimal price most likely will not possess the necessary set of characteristics for application in your conditions. Platform