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Curtains and sheers

Variety of curtains. Execution of custom orders

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Thin transparent curtains are intended to decorate the room. They complement its interior, so should correspond to the general theme. For interior decoration, they can be used separately or combined with curtains.

The curtains do not only shape the windows, but also protect the premises against excessive light.

As earlier in history, modern drapes are still made of dense texture, heavy fabrics. But initially the curtains were intended to decorate doorways.

Most often they are used in the living-room or to adorn the bedroom. But, if there is not enough free space in the room, the decision to hang heavy motley curtains is wrong. They "abuse" the interior. Also, if the windows are small, curtains or curtains with large floral or abstract prints will not work. And on high narrow apertures the lambrequins will look good, as they will be covering the height. But portiere curtains look wonderful on large windows, both in the height and width.

In order to order the curtains, you need to take the correct measurements. Experts recommend that the width of the cornice should be multiplied by the assembly coefficient equaling 2.5, and when determining the height, remember to subtract the distance from the floor to the bottom of the curtain. Besides, for rooms with low ceilings it is better to choose a fabric with vertical lines or stripes to visually increase the height, and place the cornice right under the ceiling. And for high ceilings, when you lack the fabric, there is another trick: to use patterns without directions. Then the tulle or curtains can be turned around, and the necessary height can be gained. For the child’s bedroom, natural fabrics of bright colors can be used. For the kitchen, consider fabrics with dirt-repellent impregnation. In the production of curtains, the definitive role belongs to the price of the fabric, which directly affects the cost of the finished product. But, high-quality expensive fabric guarantees long service life, consistent appearance, size and color, whereas and the cheapest products is most likely represent a temporary solution. Platform